Comprehensive Excavating Services

Comprehensive Excavating Services

Comprehensive Excavating Services

Pond Maintenance & Establishment

Elevate your landscape with expert pond construction or cleaning for established ponds.


Streamline projects with precise demolition services for any structure.


Swift and secure transport for your materials. We also have rock & dirt avaliable to haul.

Tree/Brush Removal

Transform your property with expert removal for fence rows or clearing.

Leveling/Final Grade

Achieve project perfection with meticulous final grading services.

Culvert Installation

Safeguard infrastructure with seamless new culvert installation and removal.

Erosion Control

Protect your property from elements with top-tier erosion control.

New Construction Prep

Lay the groundwork for success with comprehensive site preparation.


Elevate new construction with expert earthwork for foundations.


Optimize your property with specialized waterway services.

Scrap Removal

Streamline property cleanup with efficient scrap removal services.

Driveway Establishment & Maintenance

Precision in every layer. Our team specializes in crafting durable and visually appealing driveways.


Custom Demolition Solutions

At 808 Enterprises, we offer expertise in demolishing structures of all sizes, catering to both residential and commercial properties. From smaller homes, garages, and mobile homes to larger buildings like barns, apartment complexes, and office buildings, we handle each project with precision and efficiency.

Our customized demolition services ensure that every structure is dismantled swiftly and completely, leaving no trace behind. Trust us to deliver impeccable results, ensuring that your demolition needs are met promptly and professionally.


Tailored Hauling Solutions

Tailored Hauling Solutions

Tailored Hauling Solutions

Discover the versatility of our custom hauling services. Whether it's debris, rock, or dirt, we handle it all with efficiency and precision. Additionally, we provide high-quality fill dirt for sale, delivered to your specified location.

For a detailed estimate tailored to your hauling needs, follow the same steps as our comprehensive project estimates. Choose 808 Enterprises for seamless and customized hauling solutions.


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